Probably there are many different explanations as to what love really is …

Lyn and I have had two years of married life together – we married at a very difficult time, yet I would not change the life for any other – it gives me a sense of security, one feels with a partner to look to nothing is too big to accomplish … our main consideration is one another. A desire to see the other happy – and in that Lyn and I have so far succeeded – my most earnest wish is that I can continue to live with her in happiness.

Probably there are many different explanations as to what love really is … I should say that the most important factor is concern over the partner – an anxiety as to what she is doing and how she is faring …

I thank her for giving me this happiness, thank her with so deep a gratitude – never have I felt so contented with life yet never so full of confidence, as now.


Frank Forster, autodidact and Communist, attempts to define love in 1943. I was reminded of this quote by this great little film by Claire Langhamer about her forthcoming book about the history of love. I should probably also declare that Forster’s words have their own special significance in my own history of love and marriage, as they were read at my wedding …

For more about Frank Forster, see these posts:

And do check out Claire Langhamer’s book, which will be excellent.


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